Acta Chimica Slovenica 41/3/1994, pp. 327-352

Introduction to Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Methods:

What They Are and How to Use Them*.

Jure Zupan1),
Department of Chemistry, University Rovira i Virgili,
Tarragona, Spain

Basic concepts of ANNs together with three most widely used ANN learning strategies (error back-propagation, Kohonen, and counter-propagation) are explained and discussed. In order to show how the explained methods can be applied to chemical problems, one simple example, the classification and the prediction of the origin of different olive oil samples, each represented by eigtht fatty acid concentrations, is worked out in detail.

*) The lecture presented at the VI-th COMETT Italian School on Chemometrics, Alghero, Sardinia, Italy, 26-30-st September 1994.
1) On leave from the National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia