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Known Bugs and Lacking Features

1. Printing more than two pages of the tree with images to a color printer will lead to a PostScript error.

2. The printed output of a reaction tree with images is usually not pleasing.

3. The only supported chemical mode from the EROS7 system is the monomolecular mode.

4. The reactions are displayed in the fashion of a tree not in a graph like manner.

System Requirements and Portability

The CACTVS Tree is a TK GUI script which runs on the generic CACTVS display server tkserver. The underlying tkserver program has been ported to IRIX5.2, IRIX5.3, IRIX6.3, IRIX6.4, SunOS4.1, SunOS5.4, Linux1.2 and Linux 2.0. The cstr command is a small shell script which sets some environment variables and calls the tkserver program with the correct command line options and the GUI script.

List of Keyboard Shortcuts

The following table lists the various keyboard shortcuts which are available in the CACTVS Tree window.




Read from File




Quit the program


Clear All


Online Help

Table: List of Shortcuts

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