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7. Conclusions

In this article I have tried to show that auditory FID presentation is a versatile tool for obtaining more detailed information on NMR spectra. In certain cases, the additional acoustic information may reveal special features which are not perceivable in an optical manner. Bugs in phase cycles may be detected more easily by ear than by eye. Likewise, spectrometer parameter missettings may often be heard after the very first pulse instead of optical detection after hours of measuring time.

I admit that playing melodies on an NMR spectrometer actually is a waste of instrument and operator time. There is absolutely no scientific sense in getting music out of "the most expensive synthezisers of the world" (Andy Streitwieser). However, playing melodies on an NMR spectrometer somewhat is like pushing these instruments to their limits. No NMR vendor has ever taken this possibility into account - why should they? To me, it's amazing how song playing may be achieved by using pulse programmers developed for entirely different purposes.

Personally, I'm very grateful for this incidental crossover between my profession (chemist, NMR operator) and my hobby (playing drums in a funk-soul band).

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November 6, 2002