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5. Sound Examples, General Remarks

On the following pages you will be provided with sounds from FIDs, along with graphical presentations of the FIDs and the Fourier transformed spectra, as well as pulse programs in the case of melodies.

The sound files each are available as .aiff or .wav files. They were digitized with 8kHz sampling rate (except for the solid state 13C CP/MAS FID on Page 11, 16kHz sampling rate) with a digital resolution of 16 bit. The sampling rate may appear to be low, note however that all tones you will be listening to are pure ground tones with inherently no overtones being present.

Sound sampling was achieved on an SGI Indigo workstation under IRIX 5.3.

You'll need an appropriate browser tool in order to listen to the sounds. For example, on SGI workstations this is done by /usr/sbin/sfplay which usually is automatically spawned by browsers like Netscape or Mosaic. For conversions of soundfiles into different formats, SGI users may employ the routine sfconvert which is located in the same directory. sfplay will play both .aiff and .wav files.

PC users under Windows may use appropriate tools capable of playing .wav files. It is self evident that your computer must have appropriate hardware facilities (e.g., soundcard/speakers for PCs).


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October 21, 1997