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Demo: CH3CHO, quartet, good shim

Here you can find a spectrum where the transmitter is set close to the low field quartet signal of the aldehyde proton in CH3CHO, the shim is good. The doublet of the CH3 group is far off, folding-in is prevented by the spectrometer audio filter.

In each of the four scans you will hear a slowly decaying tone with typical amplitude modulations resulting from interference. This is caused by the coupling between the aldehyde proton and the CH3 group and the resulting quartet splitting (J=2.9Hz). The acquisition time is 5.1 sec.

CH3CHO, quartet, good shim, FID

CH3CHO, quartet good shim, spectrum

CH3CHO, quartet, good shim, FID sound, .aiff

CH3CHO, quartet, good shim, FID sound, .wav

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August 20, 1996