Lecture of Prof. J. Gasteiger

Multidimensional Explorations into Biochemical Pathways


Biochemical Pathways

Complexity of Information

Detail of Poster I (Citrate Cycle)

Present Status of Data Input

AttEd - User Interface

AttEd - Input of Molecule Data

AttEd - Input of Reaction Data

Information Content I

Information Content II

Search Capabilities I

Substructure Search in ISISBase

Result I of Substructure Search

Search Capabilities II

Biochemical Reactions

C-C Bond Formation

Standardized Structure Representation

3D Structure of Coenzyme A

Cross-Linking to Chemical Databases

Cross-Linking to Bioinformatics Databases

Substructure Search

Result of Substructure Search (example 1)

Switch to BRENDA

Result of Substructure Search (example 3)

Switch to ExPASy

Structure Results with Enzymes

Where to go?

Organic Reactions - Biochemical Reactions

A Chemical Reaction


Classification of Chemical Reactions

Reaction Prediction with EROS7

Reaction Prediction

Simulated Degradation of Atrazine in Soil