Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Mewes
Institut für Bioinformatik
GSF, Neuherberg

  Von der organischen Chemie zum makromolekularen Biomolekül
  The secrets of bioinformatics
  From chemistry to bioinformatics
  What do we expect from bioinformatics?
  The systematic genome based biology
  News from the past: Bayes as a principle
  Probablistics as a useful tool
  Context determines the biological function
  Methods in Genome Annotation to collect sequence related attributes
  A Parts List Approach to Cell Biology
  Paradigm: Description of biological function requires multiple attributes
  Combinatorial Analysis I: Gene prediction and redundancy
  Pitfalls while predicting eukaryotic genes
  Example IV
  Identify potential exons from closely related organisms
  Identify potential exons
  Dialign Fragments
  Complete Model
  Evolution as the ordering principle in bionformatics
  Segmental Duplications in A. thaliana
  Combinatorial Analysis II: Functional and other classification
  Systematic exploration of genome information: PEDANT
  The MIPS Yeast Functional Catalogue
  The Yeast Genome
  Distribution of ORFs in completely sequenced genomes
  Combinatorial Analysis III: Topology and Function
  Do SN-Cycles exist?
  Lysine Biosynthesis
  Dependence of the number of SN-cycles
  Combinatorial Analysis III: Protein/protein interaction and functional classification
  Protein/Protein interactions and functional networks
  Clustering of protein interactions
  Mapping interactions to functions
  Functional Context of YNR053c
  Combinatorial Analysis IV: Expression analysis and functional classification

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