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Online Publications
  J. Gasteiger,
Making the Computer unterstand Chemistry
Internet Journal of Chemistry, 1998
Neural Networks in Chemistry and Drug Design: An Introduction
  Read about the 2nd edition of this highly regarded book, written by Juri Zupan and Johann Gasteiger. Supporting
materials, including most of computer programs and data sets described in the book are included. More..
Chemoinformatics - A Textbook
  Edited by Prof. Dr. Johann Gasteiger and Thomas Engel, the "Textbook" provides an introduction to the
representation of molecular structures and reactions, data types and databases/data sources, search methods,
methods for data analysis as well as such applications as structure elucidation, reaction simulation, synthesis
planning and drug design. More..
Handbook of Chemoinformatics - From Data to Knowledge
  Edited by Prof. Dr. Johann Gasteiger, the 4 volumes of the "Handbook" cover the application of computer-aided
methods to chemical problems, such as structural databases, spectra interpretation, predicting chemical properties
and molecular shapes. The book provides both newcomers and advanced users as well as lecturers with a profound
and comprehensive overview of this increasingly important field. More..