< Synthesis Design
The most important task of a synthesis planning program is to assist the chemist during this process. Therefore, WODCA intentionally has been designed as an interactive system to assist the chemist when working on synthesis problems. The system comprises methods for searching for available starting materials, for generating suitable synthesis precursors, and for finding known synthesis reactions. All these methods do not have to be used  in a predefined sequence by the chemist , but they can be applied at any time to any object within a study. Thus, a study can be expanded in any direction starting at different points of the synthesis tree.
The chemist and the computer software should work together as a team which solves complicated problems of synthesis design. In keeping with this philosophy and in order to facilitate communication between the chemist and the computer, the system should have to speak the language of the chemist; the graphical language of chemical structures. Thus, great care was put into providing graphical interfaces to all methods and tools of the WODCA system.

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