Example of an EROS Run:
Simulation of the Degradation of s-Triazines in Soil


Here you can start EROS runs on the degradation of s-triazines in soil. The major degradation processes of s-triazines in soil are the reductive dealkylation and hydrolysis. These are included as reaction types in the EROS system.

By default, the test run will simulate the degradation of atrazin over a time period of 120 days (=1.0368e7 seconds), which is about the time period plants are growing in summer time. The initial concentration of atrazin is set to 0.1 mole/l. It is assumed that atrazin is only once introduced into the environment (Dose every year = off) and nine levels of degradation products, corresponding to full degradation, will be generated.


The output will display the starting molecule, all molecules obtained in the degradation process, and the concentration/time diagram for all these compounds.

The simulations will be performed in real time. The default simulation will take about three minutes plus the transfer delay.

How to change the settings

If you change the default values for the simulation in the table below, press enter/return for each input field to be sure, taking the new values for the simulation.

The following items can be changed:

Specify your input and start the simulation

To start the simulation click on the Start Simulation button.

This is an early version of a web interface to EROS7. No warranty, especially, if you enter unrealistic values.

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