JME Molecular Editor

version 2000.10

written by Peter Ertl, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, Switzerland ||

JME Molecular Editor is a Java applet enabling to draw / edit molecules and reactions (including generation od substructure queries) and depict molecules directly within an HTML page. Editor can generate SMILES or MDL mol file of created structures.

The JME applet has been developed as a part of web-based cheminformatics and molecular modelling system at Novartis Crop Protection AG in Basel (for more information see Theochem 419, 113-120 (1997) (shorter version also on-line), J.Mol.Graphics Mod. 16, 11-13 (1998), or Chimia 52, 673-677 (1998).
Due to many requests, the applet has been released to the public.

This distribution contains four class files, JME.jar archive and the following support files :

index.html - this file
jme.html - brief overview of JME capabilities
jme_use.html - installation instructions
jme_functions.html - description of editor's public functions
jme_help.html - help file
jme_ex1.html, jme_ex2.html, and jme_ex3.html - three example files

When you are using the editor at your site, let me know about it. This will help to justify further development of this tool. Help to improve JME by suggestions and bug reports !

Novartis is providing the editor for free, but you have to fulfill the license conditions given below.

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Legal Stuff

The JMEMolecularEditor© is a computer software to which Novartis AG has the exclusive copyright. Installation of the JMEMolecularEditor© by any user shall only be permitted when user accepts and agrees to give proper credit to Novartis AG, including naming the author of the JMEMolecularEditor©, Peter Ertl, and Novartis AG, and displaying the Novartis logo at an appropriate place within the user's web site (e.g. on the sponsor's page).
User shall install and/or use the JMEMolecularEditor© only to draw and edit chemical structures as input to his chemical information and modeling systems, and user shall in no event decompile or otherwise disassemble the JMEMolecularEditor©.
Installation and use of the JMEMolecularEditor© shall only be permitted when user accepts and agrees