Technology and Contributor Credits
Lead implementor: Frank Oellien, Computer-Chemie-Centrum, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Support: M. Nicklaus at LMCh/NCI, Bethesda/Frederick, MD, USA and W.D. Ihlenfeldt from the university Erlangen-Nuremberg. We thank Gary Mallard from NIST for providing us with additional compound names.

CACTVS logo Database generation and search functionality by CACTVS universal chemistry information handling system
by W. D. Ihlenfeldt
Novartis logo Novartis JME Java structure editor by P. Ertl
ACD logo Computed logP values and life links into property prediction services
by ACD Labs. More than 200,000 IUPAC names calculated by ACD/Name v. 4.0
Organon logo Drug-likeness prediction by M. Wagener at Organon
PASS logo PASS drug activity/inactivity prediction by V. Poroikov
MSI logo 3D conformer data set generated by MSI Catalyst modelling program
MOLNET Logo 3D base conformation data generated by Molecular Networks CORINA coordinate generator
Apache logo Powered by an Apache webserver

 Frank Oellien
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