Script Updates

One of the strenghts of CACTVS is that most of the tools are implemented as scripts running on a small number of standard server programs. Typically, new features are added to the tools by updating the scripts. An update of these server programs is necessary only infrequently, if bugs in the server code have been detected or new commands for scripts have been added to the Tcl interpreter and are used by a new generation of application scripts.

Script Downloading

Below is a list of CACTVS scripts which can be loaded from our server. Normally it will appear as plain ASCII text in the browser window and you can save it after inspection as text in your script directory.

Direct Execution

You can also directly start a server program with a script from this page if you add the line
application/x-cactvsscript; tkdbserver -f %s
in the .mailcap file and
application/x-cactvsscript tk
in the .mime.types file. Both files are located in your home directory, or your sysadmin might add these lines to the global configuration files. Note however that direct execution of the scripts requires a perhaps unearned trust in our site. The tk script can theoretically contain commands to trash your disk or perform other nefarious operations, and you might not even notice, or notice when its too late. So, while direct script execution is certainly convenient, you should consider very carefully if you want to face the risks. We certainly are very careful which scripts to put on the server, but we cannot offer 100% protection - even our site might be hacked.

Distributed Script Versions

The current CACTVS tool distribution is release 1.6.6. It contains the following script versions:

csbr2.262D structure browser
csed2.21Molecule editor
csimg1.7Chemistry GIF image viewer and generator
csir3.8Spectra display
csnmr1.1NMR display
cssharc2.7SHARC ab initio archive access client
cswa1.4Chemical WWW access tool
csws2.3Chemical structure WWW search client
csxy1.4X/Y plotter for chemical properties

Current Script Versions

These are the most up-to-date script versions still compatible with the distributed server executables:

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