The CACTVS Tools

License and Usage Conditions

This selection of programs is provided as is without any expressed or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure proper operation of the programs, the author assumes no responsibility for errors or malfunctions, or for damages resulting from the use of the programs.

The collection of programs is usable free of charge by anybody for any noncommercial or purely in-house purpose, but it is not completely in the public domain. You may adapt the functionality of the program to your local needs, but you are forbidden to redistribute copies of the files comprising the program which were altered in any respect. If you add a valuable feature, or hunt down a bug, you are welcome to contact the author by email and the fix or feature will be most certainly integrated into the one and only official release. Dynamically loadable modules of any kind, like I/O format extensions, property computation modules, data analysis tools, or GUI scripts, written completely by yourself, for example for the standard visualization server programs of the CACTVS system, are exceptions to this policy. You are welcome to distribute these by any means, preferably a CACTVS system network databases. Simply slightly edited GUI scripts from the base distribution remain subject to the distribution limitations.

The tools cannot be used without permission in writing to generate or process data which is redistributed for a fee. This includes the manipulation of input information for on-line databases with access restrictions or access fees or the postprocessing of output from these databases. Likewise, the preparation of data for in-house databases and datasets distributed as CDROM or any other digital media does require a permission if any fee is collected for its distribution.

The tool set can be distributed as part of another program package, but only in its original, unadapted form. If anybody is interested in providing the tools as integrated part of another package, this must be negotiated. Commercial licenses are available.

If you use data generated or analyzed by CACTVS tools for publications, you should cite a CACTVS paper, for example these.

The most recent CACTVS distributions for several OS are now provided by the following link

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