The CACTVS Tools

We distribute a precompiled collection of selected tools from the CACTVS system free of charge to anybody.

The distribution currently contains:

The structure editor is the key to our 3D coordinate computation service.

Ultimately, the whole CACTVS system will become freely available. But give us some more time.

Technical note:

The distribution basically contains a collection of Tcl/Tk scripts which fullfill very different display and editing tasks but run on the very same generic server program, which is included as precompiled executable. This program contains a full Tcl/TK interpreter with many popular extensions, the CACTVS system universal chemistry data manager, and a set of commands to access the data manager functionality by Tcl commands. The program can be reprogrammed for new tasks with short Tcl/Tk scripts with a fraction of the effort and time it takes to program similar functionality from scratch. The programs in this distribution will probably be mostly used as stand-alone tools. However, they were designed to operate in the full distributed CACTVS environment, exchanging arbitary chemical information and instructions how to handle it via RPC with their master workbenches.

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