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T he WODCA Manual

Main Index


Graphical User Interface

Similarity Searches

Substructure Searches


What Can WODCA Do for You?

How to Start WODCA

WODCA's Main Window

WODCA's Menu Bar

Information Area and Structure Display

The Console

The Message Line

What is a Similarity Search?

Principle of a Similarity Search

List of Similarity Criteria

The Search Window

How to Search in a Catalog

What is a Substructure Search?

Essentials of a Substructure Search

How to Define a Substructure

How to Start a Substructure Search

Definition of a Query Structure

Further Specifications

How to Search for a Class of Compounds in a Catalog of Chemicals

Strategic Bonds

Use of the CACTVS Tools

Technical Information

Installation - Step by Step

What is a Strategic Bond?

Principle of a Strategic Bond Search: The Disconnection Strategies

The Strategic Bonds Window

Manual Definition of Strategic Bonds

The Molecule Editor

The Match List Browser

The Synthesis Planner


Test License

About the Installation Media

Hardware and Software Requirements

Installation of the CACTVS Tools

Installation of WODCA with the JANSSEN Catalog of Chemicals

WODCA's Working Directory

Adaptation of WODCA


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