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Idea & Concept

For many years chemistry has been fighting a bad image which is, in many cases, caused by its own scandals and accidents. It is not an easy goal to improve this damaged image.

The Magic Show is our small contribution to give chemistry an improved acceptability by the general public. The organizers see this presentation therefore also as an advertisement for chemistry as a whole. The subject area is introduced by bringing about unexpected fun. The audience must be fascinated by contents and presentation. This occurs through chemical experiments combined with real Magic tricks, multi-media light and music effects, and a show-master supported by his pretty assistant.

Chemistry today
Chemistry is part of our daily life, even when we do not realize it. Through many developments in the area of health, energy, mobility, communication, and environmental protection, it simplifies our life:

  • Nylon stockings, Goretex coats, Baby dippers
    Textile chemistry produces materials for all purposes
  • Medication, hygiene
    Chemistry can ease suffering and illness
  • Fire extinguishers, oil binders, recycling procedures
    Ecological chemistry helps to resolve environmental damage
  • Microchips from silicon, copper cables, lithium batteries
    modern communication techniques are based on chemical findings

It explodes, rattles, shines and glitters... chemistry is something for all senses and more exciting than any crime. However, how does this work? How do these reactions occur? The audience is puzzled.

In a sparkling mixture of moderation and serious explanations, van Eldik clarifies some of the chemical secrets. In an entertaining way he explains what happens behind the spectacular experiments. Information transfer in a different way: entertaining and exciting.

Those that are stimulated by the coloured flames, thundering explosions or fire spitting chemists to perform such experiments themselves, are warned by van Eldik: "Do not perform these experiments at home – rather come to us and study chemistry". The goal of the elaborate performance is to stimulate the interest in natural science.